I’m hungry

Friends who know me know that I have a weakness for Thai food, places, culture and men, though not necessarily in that order. So I’ve decided to start a blog entitled “hiwhiw”, which literally translates as “hungry hungry” in Thai, with the double emphasis to show how much i crave for Thai food and drinks or knick-knacks associated with Thailand.

The aims of this blog are to:
(i) introduce friends to Thai food (so you would order beyond fried rice and phat thai the next time you are in the kingdom)
(ii) record the types of food i’ve eaten so that i can find out more about the dish’s origins and remember their Thai names better;
(iii) meal times are a favourite for mr;p and me, so which better way to record the memories other than a blog?

Hiw laewwwwwwww…


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