Black Canyon Coffee

Thais seem to love their coffee very much, judging from the number of cafes, coffee houses, kiosks and joints that are dotted in shopping malls, petrol stations, train stations, etc across the country. Black Canyon Coffee is widely available, and even seem to enjoy greater popularity than Starbucks in the kingdom. When i first knew about Black Canyon, I thought it is a foreign brand, based on its seemingly internationalised design and style, but in fact, this is a homegrown coffee house franchise of Thailand.
I’m not an ardent fan of coffee, and don’t really know how to appreciate the finer flavours of it. However, Black Canyon X’press at the National Stadium BTS Skytrain Station has been a good place for me to hang out after mr;p has gone to work, leaving me to enjoy the aromatic flavours while scribbling notes in preparation for my interviews.

Not too long ago, I found out that Black Canyon Coffee has established an outlet in Singapore at 19 East Coast Road (pretty near to Katong Shopping Centre). Should check it out one day!


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