Naam Tau Hu

I am often fascinated by how a dish varies across the neigbouring countries, in this instance, the soya bean milk. I like to drink soya bean milk that is warm and thick. So i was most astonished in my earlier days when i realised that there is an option of adding fillings into soya bean milk in Thailand, unlike in Singapore which we often just drink it purely.

I chanced upon a *naam tau hu (น้ำเต้าหู้) stall at the market near mr;p’s place. For an extra 2B, i.e. a total of 6B, i added a mixture of yellow beans, barley, pearl sagos into my morning drink. I still can’t decided which version is better – with or without fillings. I need to drink more!

Also known as 豆浆 or 豆奶.


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Filed under street food, Thailand

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