Mouth-watering Chok

Cooking porridge is not hard, but to cook it really well and tasty, it’s not easy. After reading a raving review about this chok (โจ๊ก / porridge in Thai) stall from a farang blogger, i insisted that mr;p and i have to try this supposedly well-known porridge stall located near On Nut Station (by the roadside, on the same side as Tesco Lotus).

So one fine morning, mr;p and i traipsed to this porridge stall. Thank goodness we didn’t arrive any later (8.30am or so), for if we reach any later, we would not taste the porridge as we were served one of the last bowls for the day! This stall must be enjoying a roaring business.

The stall signage proclaimed that no MSG was used, but that didn’t matter as the chok is indeed aroi maak maak! Prior to this stall, mr;p and i had tried two other stalls in his Ram II neighbourhood, but they paled in comparison to this…

The porridge was piping hot when i was served and i had to blow on each mouthful before putting it into my mouth. Generous dopings of minced pork, pig intestines and livers, spring onion and ginger slices were heaped on top, while an egg sat at the bottom of the bowl. The rice was soft, mushy and flavourful and it just melted in my mouth. A very satisfying start to the day indeed, mr;p and i decided that we must head back to that stall again!


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