Kung Chae Naam Plaa

If you like sashimi or raw seafood, this Thai dish will probably take to your palate well if you can also stomach the strong flavours of Thai fish sauce (naam plaa). Known as Kung Chae Naam Plaaกุ้งแช่นำปลา (Thai: shrimps dipped in fish sauce), this dish is commonly found in Thai restaurants and is somewhat like sashimi a la Thai style. A must-try if you love the intense flavours of Thai cuisine.

The critical factor here, whether this dish will make or break, will have to depend on the freshness of the shrimps. Not only do fresh shrimps taste better, they are also easier on the stomach, you wouldn’t want to hog the toilet after eating these shrimps, isn’t it? And with the complement of the dipping sauce (naam cim) which consist of chilli, lemon juice, garlic bits and mint leaves, we are ready to go. Tuck in… or dip in!

mr;p first introduced this dish to me last December and i really like it. When i introduced this dish to Mum, she absolutely fell in love with it and requested to have it for our dinner three days in a row! We even had to order a second serving of kung chae naam plaa for one of the evenings because Mum ate so many of the shrimps before we could get to them. Meanwhile, Papa had a much harder time though. He was caught dipping one of the shrimps in the hot tom yam kung hotpot, and we all burst all laughing at that!


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