Khao Soi

When I first tasted Khao Soi (ข้าวซอย) in Mae Sai, Chiangrai, Northern Thailand, I decided that it was a cross between the laksa and mee siam (signature dishes in the Peninsula Malaysia and Singapore). It consists of flat egg noodles in a curry-like sauce, complemented with lime wedges, sliced onion, pickled vegetables and chilli powder. Meat such as chicken, beef or pork is also packed within the creamy coconuty soup, so be sure to specify your order, whether it should be Khao Soi Kai, Khao Soi Neua or Khao Soi Muu respectively.

It is one Thai dish that I often crave for, for it is not that easy to find it within mr;p’s immediate neighbourhood when I am in Bangkok nor within Singapore (but Golden Mile does offer this dish of course!). Some accounts that I read pointed that Khao Soi is Burmese, or Yunnanese-Hui (Hui is a term that refer to Muslims in China) in origin, but it is certainly a Northern Thai specialty now.

Several Western bloggers have written about Khao Soi as well, read The Other History of Khao Soi for an interesting peek into the purported historical account.

So if any of you is heading to Northern Thailand soon, be sure to order this! It also goes by names of Chiangmai Curry Noodles, Burmese Noodles, etc.



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2 responses to “Khao Soi

  1. thumb

    ok.. abit out of topic here but your pictures look superb! i want to brush up my photography skills leh..any idea where i can learn something on photography?

  2. silentdroplet

    Sorry for not responding to your query as I do not check this space everyday… :p Photographic Society of Singapore ( does offer basic photography courses every now and then, but for me, I find it more important to take every picture using your heart, kinda abstract, huh… Practice makes perfect, and look at good photographs in magazines and websites on how others capture pictures through different angles, perspectives and lightings. Have fun!

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