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Food court delights in Bangkok

Food courts in Thailand offer an easy and convenient amalgamation of the various street food delights. While taking a break from shopping at Pratunam one day, we headed to the food court located at the topmost floor of the Platinum Shopping Mall and a satisfying meal ensued.

In Thailand, all sorts of meat can be strung onto the bamboo sticks, from chicken parts to squid. Muu Satii หมูสะเตีะ (pork satay) is also a common delight in Thailand, and looks very much like the satays in Singapore and Malaysia.  Unlike its halal southern counterparts, pork is the meat most commonly used and this variant is tasty too!

I always have a weakness for sweet things. Not knowing which dessert I should choose, I told the hawker to mix everything. In this bowl, there is a wonderful concoction of red beans, kidney beans, sticky rice, sago seeds, yam, tapioca niblets, and topped with a sprinkling of sesame seeds swimming in a sea of thick, creamy coconut gravy. Yummy.


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