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Naem Nueang – Vietnamese rolls a la Thai

A generous dosage of the greens…

… with paper-thin, semi-translucent rice rolls and a bowl of special dipping sauce …

… together with a plate of pineapple cubes, sliced cucumber, carrot and radish slices, dried banana wedges, garlic pieces, dried spicy chilli andddd fragrant pork cubes,

You will get Naem Nueang (แหนมเนือง), a kind of Vietnamese roll that Udon Thani is particularly famous for.


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Cim Cum – the tasty hot pot

Udomsuk is one of mr;p’s and my favourite dining place in Bangkok, and we usually go there when we want a better dinner or there’s any occasion for celebration. Last week, we headed to Aroi Naenorn (Confirmed Delicious Restaurant) for some Isan specialties.

Cim Cum ranks high on my list of favourite Thai food. It is an Isan favourite that mr;p first introduced to me last year in Udon Thani. The flavourful soap concoction in the ceramic pot is slowly brought to boiling point by the charcoal underneath. One can choose between seafood, pork or mixed soup bases. We opted for the pork option. It comes with an abundance of raw vegetables (I can only name cabbages for now – some of which will give very strong flavour to the soup), an egg, a plate of glass noodles, and most importantly, naam cim (the chilli sauce concoction) for dipping all the food morsels.

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