We’ve all heard about cows and buffaloes being the farmer’s best friend, but I never knew cows can be regarded as cash assets until I got together with mr;p. In rural Thailand (and probably farming communities anywhere else), a cow may reap interests faster than the bank. Don’t believe? In October last year, mr;p and I bought a pair of cows, a mother and son, for his parents at 14,000B. Two months later, a potential buyer offered 20,000B for this pair. That’s 6000B more than what we paid for, and if translated to conventional banking terms, equivalent to an interest rate of ~42%! Incredible, isn’t it? In the end, we didn’t sell them because we would still like to keep them with the parents in Udon Thani.

Now, I’ve gleaned a bit of knowledge about cow trading. In the bovine world, the females are worth much than the males because of the former’s reproductive ability. If a farmer wants to sell his cows, the male ones will most likely be the first to go, however, a bull with characteristics deemed valuable may be kept to pass on his genes to future generations. A good cow should stand tall and big, and it is desirable to have long ears, just like my cow Niu Niu (calf in the foreground). He may have long ears but his playmate (beside him) has even longer ears that extend beyond its face!


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