Fermented Mushroom

naem het (fermented mushroom)

On a recent trip to Khao Yai, I discovered that mushrooms is one of the renowned produce of this region. Local vendors were quick to tap into the abundance of mushrooms to produce naem het, or fermented mushrooms. Indigenous to northern Thailand, naem het usually consists of a mixture of mushrooms, sticky rice, minced garlic, salt and chilli padi left fermented for several days. For people familiar with Thai cuisine, you would have known that fermented products are very common in the country. From plaa raa (fermented fish sauce) to the common fermented pork, the Thais sure love their stuff fermented. Anyway, back to naem het. As a mushroom fan, I couldn’t miss a chance to sample mushroom goodness in any form, so I bought a 100 baht pack.  I was so eager to sample naem het that I didn’t notice the menacing chilli lurking amongst the mushrooms. After popping one naem het into my mouth, the chilli rapidly spread its viciousness across my tongue. Other than the unfortunate chilli bit, naem het was super yummylicious!


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