Kuay Tiao Cap Kang | Coolie Noodles

Kuay Tiao Cap Kang | ก๋วยเตี๋ยวจับกัง

It was down a dingy lane in Yaowarat that we stumbled upon Kuay Tiaow Cap Kang. Intrigued by the long queue that snaked around the stall, we decided to try the noodles. Well, it must be good if there are so many locals queuing for it, we thought to ourselves. YC and I ordered the dry version while Tang requested for the soupy version. In just a few moments, three bowls of noodles were plonked onto our table. It was an unassuming, oil-smeared bowl but it was truly yummy. The noodles were chewy (or QQ in Chinese), the meat was tender and the vegetables were fresh and slightly crunchy to the bite!

After taking a few bites, I finally took a closer look at the stall name. The noodles is called ก๋วยเตี๋ยวจับกัง (Kuay Tiaow Cap Kang). For those familiar with Hokkien (I presume it’s the same in Teochew), ‘Cap Kang’ means 杂工, or ‘an assortment of works’. After checking with mr;p, he revealed that ‘Cap Kang’ commonly refers to the Chinese coolies in Thai. I haven’t really done much research into the background and origin of this dish, but I could safely surmise that it was probably an culinary invention by Chinese labourers in the old Siamese days.

A man, full of attitude, stood cutting the meat with one leg up perched on a stool.

This stall still adheres to traditional means, i.e. charcoal to cook the food.

A woman separated the piping hot strands into bowls.

The noodles are priced at 25B for a tamadaa (normal) serving and 35B for a phiiset (special, upsized) serving. Very attractively priced!


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