The World’s Her Oyster

Tucked down Plubplachai Road in Yaowarat, Luuk Saow Naay Mong’s oyster omelette is, in fact, one of the best I have ever eaten. As the Thai name suggests, the dish is now cooked by Mr Mong’s daughter. My guess is Mr Mong probably served this dish in the past, but he has since passed the art to his daughter who continues the family culinary trade. So far, I have been to Luuk Saow Naay Mong twice, and tried both Orh Lua and Orh Suan. The former is a rich crispy batter topped with oversized oysters, and the latter, a succulent watery version with tapioca flour and oysters mixed in. My personal favourite is Orh Lua: it’s crunchy on the outside but light inside, and the heavenly oysters simply pop and melt in the mouth.

This shop only serves four dishes: Orh Lua, Orh Suan, Mussel Omelette and Crab Fried Rice.

Luuk Saow Naay Mong, or Mr Mong’s daughter, whipping up what she does so well.

Orh Suan

Orh Lua


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