Pig-shaped bak kwa

Have you seen pig-shaped bak kwa before? Well, I only discovered barbequed pork in such adorable packaging at one Fragrance outlet in Chinatown during my recent trip back to Singapore. I’m not a bak kwa fan as sweet pork jerky doesn’t appeal to me; but thinking that it would make a tasty snack from Singapore, I bought two packets for my colleagues back in Bangkok. And boy, these little pigs were a hit with the food-loving folks in my office—all the piglets were gone by lunch.



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2 responses to “Pig-shaped bak kwa

  1. eddie

    seriously, u are the first person i know who doesnt like bak kwa.

  2. xin

    with the exception of my dad, my family doesn’t take to bak kwa either… heehee.

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