Yummy Yam

What do you get when you put yam and gingko nuts together?



Or nee, a traditional Chinese-Teochew dessert!

I’ve always loved yam since I was a kid, from traditional Chinese food such as or nee (Teochew) and suan pan zi (Hakka) to fast-food items such as Burger King’s taro turnover. Inspired by a recent meal that consisted of or nee, I finally took the plunge to find out how this traditional Teochew delicacy is done. While the process wasn’t hard, it certainly was tedious and time-consuming, especially mashing the boiled yam pieces to a smooth and creamy consistency. And instead of adding lard to the purée, I opted for olive oil instead. While the latter wasn’t as fragrant, it certainly was healthier. Copious amounts of oil and sugar was used, so I guess this dessert is better indulged once in a while.


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